Focused on Your Pet

Tailored to provide a health care plan to fit you and your pet’s specific needs. We strive to make you feel confident in your pet’s care.

In-House Diagnostics & Treatment

State of the art medical equipment, tools and processes that helps us provide excellent medicine in-house.

Compassionate Care

Employed and trained to provide compassionate, high quality care for every client and patient.


Providing the highest quality medical care with dedication to excellence and compassion.

We achieve this by: educating our clients about the best practices to maintain the health of their pet and to understand what medical care options are available, with their costs. Employing and training the most committed and compassionate people available. Establishing accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) (must demonstrate an exceptional level of medical care and client service). Being a cat friendly facility, with a dedicated exam room and specialized staff training to encourage feline wellness through visits and preventative care.



The main problem was when I would walk Demus, I would have to wait on him, he would just go slow, and I didn’t feel comfortable walking him over one mile. And when I get home in the garage, there are two steps to get into the kitchen, he could barely get in there, it was just hard for him. I thought it was that time.” Demus was given pain relieving medications, placed on a prescriptive diet, and given monthly injections “I don’t have to wait on him anymore; he’s walking in front of me. I feel comfortable walking him three to four miles now . . . I’m very satisfied with the results and I am definitely likely to recommend Animal Doctor to anyone that talks about arthritis issues.”


“Zeus was having a hard time getting up and down. His back legs were going out from underneath him, and he was in a lot of pain.” After treatments, Zeus is “like a puppy! He actually has a lot more energy, can get up and down by himself on the carpet. He can go to the bathroom on his own, we don’t have to help him or hold him. He’s doing really good!” Zeus was placed on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication to decrease pain and inflammation in his rear legs. He also receives joint supplements and injections to add cushioning. “It has been wonderful. It has definitely helped out quite a bit. Just because he’s an older dog, we shouldn’t just give up on him. We have been very happy with the treatments. You guys have all treated us like a new family coming into town. It’s been very nice.”