Puppy/Kitten Wellness

Caring for your new best friend is important. That's why at all Animal Doctor veterinary clinics, our mission is to help you bond with your new family member and keep them healthy along the way. Animal Doctor is the best location to receive an examination, puppy and/or kitten vaccinations, advice, behavior consultations, and medical care. Getting a new puppy or kitten is a wonderful experience and Animal Doctor can make the experience easier for you! Bring your new puppy or kitten to one of our veterinary clinics and let our expert staff care for your new family member.
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Our Mission

High quality veterinarian care and compassion for your pet

Our veterinary clinics provide a wide range of services including: vaccinations, annual examinations, spay and neuter procedures, annual teeth cleanings, emergency medical treatments and hospitalizations, prescription medications and foods, treatment of exotic pets (turtles, snakes, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, hedgehogs, reptiles, etc.), and more. No matter your pet needs, our team of veterinarians will strive to provide optimal care for your pet!
Available Services

Our Accreditations

We are proud of our AAHA Accreditation, which includes rigorous testing to receive.

AAHA Accredited

Our animal hospital demonstrates that we are dedicated to providing the highest level of care to your pet. Only the top 12% of veterinary practices achieve this honor. The standards of accreditation emphasize a high level of medicine, trained staff, advanced facilities, and compassionate care. We invite you to feel the difference and visit us soon!
We are a certified cat friendly practice.

Cat Friendly Practice

Being a certified Cat Friendly Practice, we strive to make veterinary visits less stressful for cats and their caregivers. At our animal hospital, you will experience a feline-friendly environment, trained staff, cat condos separate from dog runs, veterinarians and staff who are passionate about cats.
Animal Doctor Westside if Fear-Free Certified, ensuring a stress-free experience for pets and their caregivers!

Fear-Free Certified

At Animal Doctor Westside, keeping your pet happy and healthy is our goal. Providing medical care shouldn’t cause additional anxiety for your pet. By practicing in a Fear Free way, we can decrease the fear and anxiety of clinic visits which allows us to provide better and more consistent medical care for your pet.